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Volunteer in China this summer with Bring Me Hope! Bring Me Hope camps give you the opportunity to provide orphans with love, hope, a sense of self-worth, and long-term advocacy. You could be the only person to ever show a child love. What an opportunity!

Information for our 2017 camp is now available here. Make your summer count and begin changing the world one life at a time.

“So what exactly does a week at camp look like?” We’re glad you asked! Here’s a week-in-the-life of a Bring Me Hope summer camp volunteer.

Love & Defend Orphans

Volunteer on short-term mission trips to provide orphans with love, hope, a sense of worth, and long-term advocacy. Our 2017 camp information is now available! Check out this link to get more information on camp and to apply: www.bringmehope.org/summer-camp/. Make this summer count by starting to change the world one life at a time!

One of the most common questions we get about our our mission trips to China is, “What does a week look like?”  We decided to give you a glimpse of what YOU could do for a week, to change an orphan’s life.  Whether you are planning on volunteering or sponsoring an orphan, here is a week at Bring Me Hope camp!

 Day 1: “The kids are coming”

Kids coming to camp

This is one of the most exciting parts of camp.  Seeing the little faces peering out of the bus as they pull up to your camp location.  One by one these kids, both excited and nervous, exit the vehicle and are paired with you.  Their little hands slide into yours and you make your way back to your lodging, preparing for the rest of the week.

Day 2-4: “We are family”

Congratulations, you and your Chinese translator are now proud parents for the week with your amazing and beautiful child!  Your responsibilities will consist of making sure they are bathed, dressed, fed and physically taken care of throughout the day…this of course includes a bedtime story and tucking them in.Kids with Volunteer

Sleepy Boys

Throughout the day you and your family group will go out to experience many firsts.  These include swimming, going to the beach, eating ice cream, singing songs, coloring, crafting, shopping for snacks, playing games and of course your nightly dance parties.  While this is fun and an incredible experience, it’s the in-between moments that change lives…the times of comforting your child when they are sad, the times of carrying them around when they are too tired to walk and moments of just listening and loving them in the midst of the days events.  This is what brings healing and shows your child what it means to be loved and valued.

holding hands

Day 5: “Goodbye is the hardest part”

This is by far one of the hardest days emotionally.  It’s when you have to let go and know your child has to leave and return to the orphanage.  It’s the day when you read aloud the letters you write to each other…it’s your last hugs…it’s the final moment you get to say to them “Wo Ai Ni,” I love you and will never forget you.  Their belongings are packed, tears are shed and you watch YOUR child drive away.  You are now left with memories and a passion to do something about this.  Your job is just starting…and you are responsible to make that child’s voice heard, advocating for their needs!

For another awesome picture of camp, check out our documentary, Hannah’s Story and also don’t forget to check out our website to sponsor an orphan or volunteer in China. www.bringmehope.org

For the kids!

Caitlyn & Bring Me Hope Team