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Changes in the Air…

Control; It’s an idea and pursuit that the American culture holds dear. But when even a step is taken onto the mission field (even if it is on our own soil), that illusion dissipates and we are left with the truth that nothing is certain.

Bring Me Hope runs summer camps for orphans in China. But what happens when the Chinese Civil Affair Administration has told ALL the orphanages in the country that the children are not allowed to attend outside activities because of the Swine Flu (H1N1 virus)? And what do we do when a camp location looks like it might fall through?

“I don’t feel like this means that we should just give up,” David Bolt wrote to all the summer volunteers. “There are still lots of children that can benefit from summer camp,” he encouraged them.

Alternative plans include having camp for children in foster homes, on the streets, and whose parents are in jail. But the Bring Me Hope team doesn’t have to look too far back to remember how God brought just the right children into their path last year.

“We had been asking God all year to send us to the neediest orphans in China, and he took us right to them when our Beijing camp site unexpectedly was shut down,” Kristen Chase remembers.

“Everything seemed to be in complete chaos when the team relocated to another city, but in retrospect, we see that God was sending us to orphans who were in more desperate and dire situations than where we had planned to be,” she said.

So while some camp details remain uncertain, the Bring Me Hope team presses forward in faith.

“We are in a situation right now where we have to either give up or trust God that things will come together last minute, and that He will do a miracle,” David Bolt said. “And one week before we leave for China, things are falling into place,” he added.

Encouraging news came recently from Tim Hedden, the camp director in Kunming, explaining the opportunity to care for children found in bad home and family situations and who are on the verge of becoming orphans. Also, we just got news that a wonderful camp location that was in question came through!

“I’m really excited about this summer,” David encouraged the volunteers going to China. “Even though there are a lot of hard things happening, I REALLY trust that God is going to work it all together for good, and it will be much better than I could have ever planned,” he said.

Please be praying for everyone involved with Bring Me Hope this summer. We are after whatever God has for us, so please pray for willing hearts and His guidance! Thank you so much!

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