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Star of the Week: CongCong

Meet CongCong, the Bring Me Hope Star of the Week.  Please read his story and let it touch your heart.  In the days ahead, join us as we pray for and encourage CongCong, an aged-out orphan who is fighting leukemia.

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Simply try to imagine.

An 8-year-old boy living in an orphanage in Xi’an, China. He is not an orphan but a son of an ayi there who now lives and is growing up with the children his mother also cares for.

Everyday, he lives among these children who have no family. He eats with them and plays with them but gets to leave the grounds to go to school as “normal” children do.

There is another young boy in that orphanage about the same age who doesn’t have the same life as Kobe. He is an orphan, but one different from many of the children there. No “special needs;” but an orphan nonetheless. He wasn’t entirely alone—his older brother and younger sister had come to the orphanage with him after their parents had died. And, that is where they stayed, not ever even eligible to be adopted because they had at least one living relative.

This boy, CongCong, became a big brother to Kobe and his closest friend as they grew up side by side.

When Kobe left the orphanage to live with his father at their home in Baoji, their hearts hurt. But, every summer, he still came back to the orphanage in Xi’an and joined his brother CongCong until one summer when he was no longer there. He had aged out at about 15 years old and was somewhere on his own.

Years later, Kobe is now a man, a man doing life again with orphans as he works in Xi’an with Bring Me Hope. A few months ago, when he saw an old friend from the orphanage, he heard news that broke his heart. His dear friend CongCong is dying, suffering of acute non-lymph leukemia. Alone. Kobe wrote, “It’s just like when you find a lost precious thing but it turns out to be broken.”

Since then, every Saturday he has spent with CongCong. Encouraging him through their Father, the only Father CongCong knows, and caring for him. His treatment is expensive, too costly with no guarantees. At last visit, he had 300 yuan in total, the equivalent of under $50.

Kobe knows he cannot do anything to help. But, he can pray. And, he has—though he has struggled to continue to trust through it all.

And so, now, we are joining him, lifting him up, holding the arms of Kobe up and holding this young man CongCong up as he prepares to meet His Father who created him.

And, we are asking you to do the same. Please lift him up.

Please also consider caring for CongCong in a tangible way. Send him words of love and encouragement; send him messages of hope  (check out to do this). Each word will be read and translated to him by Kobe himself. And, consider giving financially even if only a small portion to help him spend his last days differently than he would be spending them otherwise.

Together, we can help CongCong spend his final days knowing that he will not leave this world with no one knowing his name.

Visit or for more information on CongCong!

Star of the Week: XiaoNan

Name:  XiaoNan – Age: 8 – Favorite things: Helping and playing with friends and caretakers, being active – Status:  Needs a forever family! (Read the full post for more information and photos of XiaoNan!)

XiaoNan is a fun eight year-old orphan.  While his smile gives away that mischievious vibe, NanNan is a sweet boy who enjoys helping his friends and caretakers.  He even helps decorate the Christmas tree!

NanNan has Down Syndrome, however no heart or thyroid problems have been detected.  Physically, NanNan is very sure of himself and enjoys running around and playing with his friends!

NanNan has a bit of a sweet tooth… which makes sense for such a sweet boy.  He would be a fun addition to a forever family!


Star of the Week: Peter

Name:  Peter – Age: 10 or 11 years – Favorite Things: Playing soccer, swimming, singing songs, reading, and writing – Status:  Needs a forever family!  (Read the full post for more information and photos/videos of Peter!)


“Peter is a 10 (or 11) year old boy with a heart looking for genuine love. Peter will quietly perform acts that show his desire for attention. He will give his last piece of candy, hold your hand all day, draw pictures of him being the prince and you the princess, and ensure that you are protected. He doesn’t smile quickly or give hugs readily, but you can see in all the small actions that he is waiting for love.

“Peter can play soccer, swim, sing songs, read, write, and feed himself.”

Watch Peter’s Video Here!

(From Hoping for Home– be sure to check out the other beautiful kids who need forever families on HOH!)

Star of the Week: Jin Qiu

Name:  Jin Qiu –  Age:  12 years – Favorite Things:  Music, karaoke, playing on the playground, riding on cars and bikes – Status:  Needs a forever family!  (Read the full post for more information and photos of Jin Qiu!)


Jin Qiu is a 12 year-old orphan.  He is is very artistic and likes to imitate TV actors and paint pictures.  He enjoys music and singing karaoke and performing for an audience whenever he has the opportunity.

Jin Qiu is also a helper.  He helps to fold diapers for all the babies in the orphanage every afternoon.  He mops the floor and cleans tables when asked.


One of Jin Qiu’s favorite places to play is on the playground!  Here he enjoys running around, sliding, and swinging.  He also likes to jump rope and ride bikes and cars.

Most of all, Li Jin Qiu is very loving and sensitive to the moods and expressions of people around him.  When one of the other children in the orphanage falls, he is quickly by their side and helping them up.


Jin Qiu has Down Syndrome but has not had any heart or thyroid issues.  Because of this condition and his age, Jin Qiu needs to find a forever family before he is 14 years old.  Jin Qiu would be a wonderful addition to any family.  His engaging smile and sweet disposition would warm up any home and heart!


Please contact Joy Dexter at for more information about Jin Qiu.