Orphan Trips to China

This last week, we got the amazing opportunity to announce our new FALL trips!  Bring Me Hope has only done summer camps and this year we are expanding our field and inviting YOU to come with us to Beijing!  gotobeijinggggThe set up will have similarities to Summer Camps that we hold but in a much smaller setting.  We are taking a max of 15 volunteers and focusing on a week of serving orphans.  The advantage of this trip is you will get one-on-one time with your child from a local orphanage on a smaller, more focused scale for the entire week.  You will also be paired with a translator and become a little family!  There are daily “camp” activities such as games, crafts and music but you will get to really spend your time loving on your Orphan and sharing life with them!

One of the most exciting parts of the trip is that you will get to spend a day being trained in orphan advocacy and how you can spread the word and possibly find a home for your child or ways to meet their needs while in China.

If you LOVE kids, have a heart for orphans & want to travel…this is the trip for YOU!  The Fall Beijing trip is October 25th through November 2nd.  The cost for the trip is $1,100 and this includes everything but your Visa + Airfare.

I can’t wait to see our first fall team head to China and rock the world of an orphan!

Here is a link to the application (http://bringmehope.org/mform_config/machform/view.php?id=14965)

For the Kids,

Caitlyn & Bring Me Hope Team

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