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Bring Me Hope is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of Chinese orphans. It begins at summer camp and continues with year-round programs to meet the ongoing needs of orphans in China.

Who We Are

Bring Me Hope is a core group of staff working with volunteers to deliver love and encouragement to orphans around the world. It began with one family, one adopted baby and one summer time in China. Now Bring Me Hope spans several continents: From its hometown in California, it has branched out to the rest of the United States as well as to the Philippines, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.

We believe that every person is created with value. It breaks our hearts when that is not recognized and children are rejected, abandoned and abused. Our experiences and histories vary, but one thing binds us: passion for serving needy children and recruiting others to the same cause.


Bring Me Hope Foundation
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Laura Hyatt
Call/Text: 760-723-5885