Fast, Reliable Drone Delivery

Bring Me Hope offers hospitals, clinics, and blood banks the ability to use drones to make fast, reliable, and life-saving deliveries.


Save Lives

Researchers from Wharton found that drones in Rwanda reduced death by 88% among maternal deaths from postpartum hemorrhage in-hospital. Poor road conditions during the rainy season, traffic, accidents, and closed roads can delay critical medical deliveries. Drones provide an important redundancy option to make sure deliveries don’t get delayed.


Reduce Blood Wastage

The Lancet published that drones in Rwanda helped reduce blood wastage by 67%. Drones allow blood banks to manage and distribute blood products more effectively and reduce wastage of a valuable resource.


Save Money

Medical drones allow you to transport blood, medicine, vaccines, paperwork, lab samples and much more. It gets expensive to make deliveries! You need to pay for vehicle gas, driver salaries, and car maintenance. Medical drones are cheaper than using a car or ambulance and help reduce your budget.


Drone Specs

  • Payload : Fly a payload of 10 KG per trip.
  • Distance : Our drones can travel 150 KM per trip.
  • Cold Chain : Maintain cold chain of blood and medical products.
  • Rapid Delivery : A two hour delivery on the road could be made by a drone in 15 minutes.

Medical Drone Dimensions

Payload Cabin Dimensions

Drone Delivery Advantages

Medical drones provide ultra fast delivery that could help save lives. Drones also help save money and reduce budget spent on gas, vehicle maintenance, and drivers while providing an important redundancy in delivery options.


Rainy Season

Rural / Distant


Gangs / Danger

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