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Inspiring story of a former orphan

Take a few minutes to watch Scout Bassett’s amazing story!   She started life as an orphan, abandoned outside of an orphanage in Nanjing.  There was no explanation for her missing lower right leg or the burns and scars on other areas of her body.  At age six, she was adopted by a loving family in the United States.  Since then she’s grown into a beautiful young lady and talented athlete.  Enjoy her story!

Challenged Athlete Profile – Scout Bassett

Bring Me Hope in the News…in Maine

A news station in Maine ran a feature story about a trio of mothers who have adopted Chinese babies and were taking part in Saturday’s Night Walk. It was a little more than two minutes long — a great piece illustrating what Bring Me Hope is about — but the station has already replaced it on its Web site with a more recent broadcast.

Love for children is universal, and it is encouraging to see people in the opposite corner of the U.S. taking up the same cause.

— Tom Pfingsten