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Hannah’s Story

We’re happy to have “Hannah’s Story” up on the website, free for you to view and share with everyone!  We want to make people aware of what these orphans face and the reality of their dire situations.

Click here to watch and share Hannah’s Story!

But we at Bring Me Hope want to not only bring awareness, but a chance for you to respond.  Lift these kids up, sponsor a kid to go to camp, or come volunteer with us this summer!  Advocate for our “Star of the Week” and ask families you know to adopt these beautiful kids.

Together, we can change the lives of these orphans!

Star of the Week: XiaoXi

Name:  XiaoXi (XiXi) – Age: 3 years – Favorite Things: Drawing, coloring, giving hugs, showing love, riding on cars – Status:  Waiting for his forever family!  (Read the full post for more information and photos of XiaoXi!)

XiaoXi (XiXi) is a three year-old orphan who has been at the orphanage since infancy.  He loves to love and is very affectionate with anyone who has his trust.  He runs toward people with outstretched arms, ready to give a hug and in return, get a hug.

XiXi has Down Syndrome but he is high-functioning.  He likes to draw and show love to everyone around him!

XiXi has been a calm child in the past, though he is gradually becoming more exuberant.  He is gentle when he plays and enjoys riding around on cars.

When XiXi laughs, everyone around him has to laugh.  When he gives you a dimpled smile, you can’t help but smile.  He would be a huge blessing to any family who would want to adopt him.