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Night Walk 2012 Photos and Call

Wow!   What a blessed Night Walk 2012!  We are so thankful for each of you for participating!  An official Night Walk Recap will follow this post, but we wanted to give you all a little hint into the awesomeness that was Night Walk!

We started the beginning of the Night Walk with a conference call, led by Lacey Scott (Bring Me Hope’s U.S. Operations Director) and David Bolt (Bring Me Hope’s Executive Director).  During this conference call we had the opportunity to hear the voices of some of the orphans Bring Me Hope will be working with this summer.  We were also able to hear the story of an orphan who Bring Me Hope worked with in China, was adopted, and had the opportunity to go back to volunteer at a BMH Summer Camp!  Whoa!  Check out the whole call HERE!

People were walking for these little ones all over the globe!  Check out some of these locations!  More photos up on our Flickr page!



The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

“This was my 1st “Nightwalk”!   I love those littles very much and wanted to help somehow.”

-Misha Barcroft, Alamo Night Walk



Kaweah, California

“This is the fourth annual Night Walk my Mom, Grandma, little brother and I have done. I do it because Bring Me Hope is near and dear to my heart. I would love to volunteer one year and go to China for the summer camps but that hasn’t worked out so Night Walk participation has been a great way for me to help.”

-Joyce Campbell, Kaweah Night Walk



Birubi Beach, Australia

“We had a beautiful day for our ‘night walk’, and it appears that we will raise about $2000 so it was a great success.
We were joined by a small band of faithful, and all creatures great and small. We had our dogs, horses, camels and God even sent two humpback whales to ‘walk’ with us.”

-Steve Odger, Birubi Beach Night Walk



Tallahassee, Florida

“We typically have service and study on Friday nights, so we just incorporated the Night Walk into our Friday service.  I led our congregation in by giving a presentation on our Bring Me Hope experience in 2010 and the importance of the Night Walk. We set up luminaries (paper bags with candles in them) to make a path around our campus and basketball courts, about a quarter mile circuit, and started walking!  A couple of our guys walked with guitars and sang songs the whole time.  I did not know that our own daughter, Eden, would be featured in the conference call!”

-Kevin Robertson, Tallahassee Night Walk


Night Walk News!

Night Walk is coming up on May 18, 2012.  That’s just a few weeks away!  We can’t wait to show our support of these kids during this awesome opportunity.  If you haven’t yet heard of Night Walk, keep reading to find out more!

Want to skip the reading and sign up now??  Head over to the Night Walk sign-up page!

This year, our Night Walk and camp theme is “Love Like an Ocean”.  For many of the volunteers who have spent time with the orphans in China, for many of the families who have adopted these beautiful children and for many hearts that long to bring these kids love and hope… an ocean separates us.  But love, deep like the ocean, binds us to them.  We love them through the love He has given us… and He gives us a love that surpasses knowledge (Eph 3:18).

Essentially what Night Walk does is it gives us another opportunity to show this “love like an ocean.”  We have the opportunity to tangibly help these children who we love.  We have the opportunity to share the kids’ stories with our friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers as we walk.   At the beginning of the walk, we even get a chance to be on a call with some of the kids we are directly helping with the Night Walk.  What a cool opportunity to be a part of something so huge!  Be sure to share about it with your family and friends and let’s have thousands of people across the globe together for one cause!

For more info and to sign up, CLICK HERE! Sign up by Friday, May 4, 2012 and get an awesome official Night Walk t-shirt to sport for the Walk!

One hour.  $30.  The opportunity to change lives forever.  Bring Me Hope Night Walk 2012.