Michigan Siblings Shoveled Snow to Raise Camp Sponsorships!

It is a long standing practice in my family to shovel snowy sidewalks for the shut-ins and elderly of our neighborhood. So it was no surprise when this past winter, my three youngest siblings were out any chance they got helping those who could not do it themselves.

Unlike many of the other kids around our area, the help given by my brother and sisters is given freely, as they do it for the Lord and not for pay. However, there are many kind and generous neighbors who appreciate the attitude displayed by the kids and the work done, and pay them nicely.

In the past, the kids have used a portion of this money for projects such as supplying a cow or a few chickens for a poor family in India, or have financed a well-dig in some far off country. This year, Katren (14), Caeley (12) and Samuel (10) set one of their biggest goals yet.

The three of them came to me with an envelope and big smiles one night and said, “We are going to send an orphan to camp to meet you!” They excitedly explained while showing me they had saved the money to sponsor a child for a full week of Bring Me Hope Camp. Further heart-warming, they did not even want the sponsorship to be in their name!

Last year, my brother Sammy had come to me with tear filled eyes and said that he felt sure I needed to go be a big sister to some little kids over in China. This year he helped make that possible. I am one proud big sister, let me tell you!

Carmella Hepworth

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