Elim Kids – A home for HIV kids in China

It has been a big week for Chloe and Peter – a week of new beginnings…

A new house !
They moved into their new house a week ago and have settled in well. They are in the next building to us so we can visit every day and play with them in the playground.

We have been busy decorating with rainbow colours and butterflies and filling the house with toys and books.

A new “Auntie”.
We are so excited about the new lady who has taken on the job of caring for the kids. She is 28 years old and really loves G and the kids. They also love her and are enjoying playing with her. And we are also employing another lady during the days to help with shopping, cooking and cleaning and “toddler entertainment”. I came home one day this week to much screaming and laughter as they all pranced around the house singing “J loves me “ at the top of their voices.

A new name.
We are going to call our venture “Elim Kids”. The name was given to us by a Chinese co worker and represents the “sweet waters”of life in a family compared to the “bitter waters”of life in an institution. (see Exodus 15 :27).

A new vehicle.
The kids are delighted with their new mode of transport – one of the few double prams in China. Maggie has been suffering a bit of “pram envy “ but is happy to have a ride every now and then. This means we and other can take them out to the park to play and for walks. (when it finally warms up ).

New friends.
Peter and Chloe will soon need to employ a secretary as there are so many people to take them for a walk , play with them and even have them for a sleep over. This has been great as gives their carer a much needed rest from being a single mother to 2 toddlers.

This week they were happy to play with hair clips and face paint with some English volunteers who came to help.

New rules.
Peter and Chloe (and Maggie ) are gradually learning what it is like to live in a family. Lots of love, food and cuddles, toys and books but you also have to share ! Some days it is a hard lesson to learn but it is good to see that these days they actually have things that they can share!

A new website.
Soon they will have their own web site so you can keep up to date . It will be www.elimkids.com

Thanks again for amazing support with finances, prayers, sewing, fundraising and more. We really appreciate it and have enjoyed seeing first hand how “He sets the lonely in families”.

I am also excited to say that a good Aussie friend of ours is looking at setting up a similar house for those with special medical needs. We hope to transport them to a new house a block away and be able to support her and these very sick kids in a similar way.

Love, Julie and Sam Vidler

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