The Invision Project: Orphans & Cameras

Bring Me Hope staff member Kristen Chase is tying together two passions of hers this summer: Orphans and Photography.

Alongside of Chinese friends, Kristen will be teaching a group of orphaned youth photography in what she’s calling “The Invision Project.”

“Many of the kids love taking pictures during camp, and I wanted to give them an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with it,” Kristen said.

“They have been through some really hard things, and I hope this will be a time of self-expression and healing for them. Plus I love seeing what they come out with when they’re given the attention and chance to succeed at something they’re interested in,” she adds.

Providing each of her students with a digital camera, the children will learn the basics of photography and then go out “on the field” to practice.

“We have some fun outings planned. I’m going to take them to parks, up to the mountains, and maybe even a zoo…if we can find a zoo in Nanchang,” Kristen said.

The Invision Project is looking for people to donate gently used digital cameras, SD cards, and rechargeable AA batteries.

If you have any of those items to donate or want to get in touch with Kristen, you can send an email to:

You can follow the story here: The Invision Project

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