Kunming Camp Update – Water-park thrill!

Dear Friends and Family,

We are off to an amazing start! It was an awesome, fun-filled, life-changing, blessing beyond words time. The children are always quiet when they first arrive, but in a matter of hours are laughing, playing, and enjoying being loved. When it was time to go, every single child, translator, and volunteer, was crying. We always go away each week blessed by what we (our WHOLE FAMILY) have experienced and witnessed, and wishing we had a huge house with lots of rooms.

Eight-year-old Annie was the one who captured us the most this week. She sobbed when she told her volunteer about her mom dying. And she later asked her volunteer if she could kiss her on the cheek. Another highlight was when 3 of the little boys walked into the water park. First their eyes bugged out, they threw their arms into the air, and then they screamed in excitement! What a thrill to witness this.

Next week we will double our numbers and our blessings. We have an amazing group all around – all so willing to love and be loved. We wish you all were here!

Love from China!

The Heddens

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