Kunming Camp Update (2) – “The happiest time of my life…”

Dear Friends and Family,

We can say “Hurray!” for week 2 – not that it’s over (hah!), but very successful and fun! We had another amazing group of 16 beautiful children. Everyone connected well with their kids and played hard. Our goodbye party, complete with a beautiful cake for eating (not throwing, a typical Chinese tradition) was filled with many heart-felt words of love, affection, and disappointment at having to leave. Here a a couple of quotes from the kids to their foreign volunteers:

“When you said, ‘I love you’ to me, although I didn’t have enough courage to speak out, I did say it in my heart.”

“Hello, beautiful like flowers, my sister. This week is the happiest time in my life.”

“Every day you take me to eat ice cream. That’s a happy memory in my life. Every day in the camp, I was so happy.”

The kids definitely say it the very best!

The Hedden family

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