Xian Camp Update (4) – Newly Abandoned Child comes to Camp!

Just a few days after being abandoned, “Sean” found himself at Bring Me Hope’s camp in Xi’an. For an eight year old, Sean was extremely withdrawn and quiet. He didn’t smile, respond to our questions or keep eye-contact with anyone for long.

Though half-way through the week of camp Sean really started to come out of his shell. He began smiling at us, playing along with games, and went down the huge water slide at the pool. We even began having to chase after him because he was so excited to explore and experience things at camp!

At the end of the week we were amazed at the change in Sean’s heart, seeing that he began to trust us and enjoy his week at camp. We see God’s provision for His life that at just the time he was abandoned, he was ushered into his new orphanage family with other children during a fun camp where he was told how loved and special he is.

Our translators all deserve gold stars as well. In tears, one translator read the following letter to his orphan buddy:

“I’m glad I know you in the camp. Although you couldn’t tell me “I love you” like other kids, I know you love me deeply. Because while we’re walking together, you hold my hand tightly. That’s enough!

I hope you can have a heart of love forever. Firstly, you have to learn to love yourself. Next, you must know how to love others. The power of love is limitless.

Maybe it’s above your ability to understand what I’m saying, although I’m sure you will know all one day.”

THANK YOU for praying for us! We know we have a big support system of friends and loved ones back home. Your heart has been with us the whole time.

The Xian Team

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