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We want this blog to be a source of information and inspiration, a place to go to check your expectations of this summer’s work in Beijing, and a collection of any and all information that will help you prepare for the trip. We also want it to be interesting enough for your family and friends to read, so they can get an accurate idea of what Bring Me Hope is about, and have an up-to-date source of news from the camps in July and August. But there is another function we hope it will serve, and so far this one has been difficult.
We want this page to be a conversation. The “comment” function below each post is extremely easy to use, and we want you to. Tell us what you think, give us suggestions. I realize this is hard with some posts, the ones that are not interactive. But with this post, I hope to get our small group of readers into the habit of sharing their thoughts. I also hope to begin expanding our small group of readers.

The only thing to remember is to avoid certain religious language when posting comments.

For a more detailed list of words to omit, send me an e-mail.

So here are a few questions that I hope will stimulate discussion in the coming weeks. Any of these points that lead to a healthy dialogue in the comments section will earn their own posts, I can assure you of that. Here goes.

  • What part of the summer camps in Beijing are you looking forward to the most? Put another way, why did you sign up to volunteer with Bring Me Hope?
  • Is there anything you are worried about or not looking forward to?
  • If you are a staff member who went to China last summer, what one piece of advice would you offer the rookies like me?
  • How are your efforts to learn some basic Chinese words coming along? (See “Hope in Mandarin,” below.)
  • If you are not going to China with Bring Me Hope this year, how can this blog serve you? What kind of information would you like to see posted here?
  • For those who are going, I repeat the above question: How can this blog serve you?

In addition to these questions, we’d love to hear stories of God’s generosity in helping all of us pay our way to China. My wife and I received an anonymous donation for one of our plane tickets, which was immensely encouraging. We’ve now been given almost all of the money we need. For more than 100 volunteers to each raise around $2,000, there must be more stories like that out there. Send ‘em!

— Tom Pfingsten

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Your Comments

  1. Patti

    I’d really love to see more pictures or video footage from the Nightwalk. As we were walking, I was really struck by how amazing it is to live in the US with such religious freedom. I was even praying out loud with my friends as we walked down Main St. The world might not have know what we were doing that day, but I think we do.

  2. Faye

    Team Ohio is looking forward to seeing the children in Beijing. Last years Ohio team and this years team walked together in joint effort to remember the kids there in China and to prepare our hearts with light and love for them.


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