Summer Camp Update 3 of 6

Hi Everyone,
I hope your week went well. We had another full week with so much to tell you. Here’s a few hightlights:

253 Lives Changed (and counting):
BMH’s new database that has a letter and picture from each orphan as they come to camp.

Here’s a few pictures and letters from the children last week:

I think, if I can use the sea water as the ink. use the big tree as my pen. I still can not write all the love between you and me. It’s beyond words… I’ll treasure this memory forever:

“Jim, I love you! … I very love you! … very very love you”

Although I can’t speak English, but I think you can understand these words, these simple words, but, which have deep meanings!

You’re my angel that God give to me. I believe love in the world never fails now. I get warmth and strength from your love. I’ll keep this experience in my deep heart forever. Your angel hands give me one hope that be with me forever.”

Your strength convinces me that love never fails and the greatness of love. Love can exist everywhere, love can make us become a family. The first person I want to see is you when I am admitted into a university. Aunt Susan, please allow me call you “Mother” here,
Best wishes for you!!!

Desperate Love- (From Sam Vidler, director of Xi’an Camp)

When Simpson arrived at Xi’an’s BMH camp 2009, he was obviously an intelligent, quiet boy. His disabilities are only in the formation of his hands, but his mind is sharp – very sharp. In fact his translator often commented that he is smarter than she is.
He still has a grandmother, but she is unable to care for him, and he has been in an orphanage for years. In this climate, he experiences bullying and theft, and knowing no other way, would repeat this to more vulnerable children.
Within 2 days of camp, he expressed his desire to leap out of a window on the last camp day, to become injured and not have to return to the orphanage but a hospital instead.

So, it was set to be a challenging week.

He went through the usual emotions that many teenage boys experience in this situation, where they are bathed in love and compassion. There was initial distrust, then a softening and opening up, then as the week was drawing to a close, an anger and defiance, as the prospect of losing this experience grows more real and immediate.

With the wonderful work of Alicia (volunteer) and Jane (translator), he truly got to experience Chr*st’s love, and we know, from this, he will be touched forever.

And he did not try the window. Although sad to leave, a new light shone in a previously dark existence.

But, what about after camp?

Boys like this can either be destined for a life of anger and desperation, and maybe even crime, or a life in which valid role models exist, and his painful past can be recycled for good, and (prayerfully) for G*d.

It is boys like this that can be transformed – be given a real chance, that will effect the next 40-50 years of their life.
It takes commitment, patience and perseverance. But it is achievable.
He needs a program of consistent mentoring. This is another step in the BMH philosophy – The Ranch commencing in 2009. Let us know if you would like to be involved, receive updates, or help support the project!

The Ranch Video (intro):;=channel_page

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