Summer Camp Starts in Nanchang! Thank you, JMC!

The whole group at the JMC factory in Nanchang

The first of the Bring Me Hope summer camps kicked off in Nanchang on Saturday!  After months of planning and preparation, the kids finally arrived and another summer of swimming, singing, face painting, hugs and love began!  In Nanchang, we have the added benefit of being near the headquarters of one of our biggest sponsors, JMC, so several JMC employees were able to join in the fun!  We are so thankful for all the support JMC has given us over the last seven years.  Not only have they been involved with the Nanchang camps, they have covered the entire Bring Me Hope transportation budget!  Wow, we appreciate their heart to help orphans so much!


3 thoughts on “Summer Camp Starts in Nanchang! Thank you, JMC!

  1. Camilla Cherian

    Thank you BMH for a great week in Nanchang. Together with other foreign expats living in Nanchang, our family was able to join activities for the second year and had a memorable time playing, singing, face-painting and building relationships. Kids even got a taste of some fun cupcakes by the end of the week. Some more photos can be found at:–love-like-an-ocean-bring-me-hope-summer-camp.html

    Our family is excited to visit Jiujiang Sunvillage in Jiangxi Province, where most of the kids at the camp are from. Together with volunteers from Nanchang Cares4Kids, we are looking forward to reconnecting with the 150 kids there and spreading a message of value and love!
    If anyone in Nanchang is interested in joining, please contact us at http://www.nanchangcaresforkids.weebly.

    Thanks again to BMH for a valuable week for kids of Nanchang!!!

    Camilla Cherian.

    1. Pamela Detemple

      Hi, My family is visiting Nanchang from Boston, MA, USA for 1 week, starting tomorrow. I just found this website and was interested in the camp, & whether or not my 2 kids, ages 9&10, could join somehow.

      My kids know few words in Mandarin, but aren’t fluent.


      1. admin Post author

        Hey Pam!

        Because camp is already happening we are not sure that we would be able to have people join. If you were going to help with camp it would have to be with you and the children. The only kids we allow to come and “attend” the camp are Chinese orphans 🙂 I hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything else. >


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