On the Road to Belonging!

Here is an update on David (volunteer Micah Crowe’s buddy from camp in Xi’an this summer!)… the awesome sequel to the post, “Ready to Belong”.  We are excited to lift Jim and Kari Schott up as they seek to bring David home to be a part of their forever family!  The following is a guest post by Jim and Kari about their “China adventure” to bring David home!


“Smooooch!” The chapstick worked well for the principal as he bent down to kiss a way too cute pig at the school carnival. A highlight of the school carnival, there was also good food, lots of kids, and fun games. In the midst of all the candy and treats, one game was thoughtfully giving toothbrushes to the winners. Our little man came home with two new toothbrushes feeling very proud of himself.

As he handed them to me to put away, he said, “Mom, I want you to save this for my brother.” He has three older sisters. We have been praying about a brother to adopt. We began the adoption road almost three years ago. There is no doubt why He gave this little man the nickname “Hope-bug.”

Not that cross your fingers kind of hope. A wish. A dream. Known certainty is the kind of hope we can have. Lots of things we don’t know, but we can focus on what we do know. He is love. He sent His Son to adopt us into His family. He is with us! If we will put our hope in Him, we know we will be with Him always. Why? Because of who He Is. We put ourselves in the very Hands of Hope.

Two weeks after the school carnival, while checking out Facebook, I saw a post by Micah Crowe on the Bring Me Hope website. Micah wrote about a sweet, smiling little boy who needed a family. I could email Kelly to learn more about him. I did. We talked on the phone.

My husband and I talked to Living Hope Adoption Agency. We liked the “hope” connection. We sent our application in with much prayer and hope. We were so excited to learn that we had been matched and could begin our China adventure!

How did I read the post on Bring Me Hope’s Facebook page? My friend, who has four children adopted from China and whom several of our children are in the same grade at the same school and we go to the same church, took her oldest daughter to China last summer to volunteer at a Bring Me Hope Camp.

We walked to help raise money two years in a row with this beautiful family and were blessed to be a small part of their love and time given in China last summer through Bring Me Hope.

Since our being matched, we have met many special people who love our son. Pictures and videos have been given to us and many people have been lifting him up.

Bring Me Hope has been a connection for many of these people and especially for the precious children the summer camp is meant for.

Who knew that a little smiling boy, often pictured right in the middle of a group of children, would attend summer camp for Chinese orphans, have his story shared by this organization by someone who loves him and asked for him to have a family, read by us just because we had supported friends who volunteered at this camp? He knew.

We hope to complete one more major piece soon to complete our home study and then have all the paperwork put together and mailed to China.

My blog is www.growingforeverdaisies.blogspot.com.

Thank you for your prayers for us as we continue our China adventure to bring our son home.




Micah Crowe (the volunteer who worked with David in Xi’an) adds that she highly encourages everyone to advocate for all these amazing children who still need forever families.  Please continue to lift up every Bring Me Hope “Star of the Week” and spread the word about these kids!  Praise Him that David’s forever family found him so quickly- now let’s help other forever families find their kids!


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  1. Hanneke

    We’re looking forward to meet James’s brother. Hope and pray that you guys can go to China soon to bring him home…


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