Celebrating Mother Teresa’s Birthday With 10 Favorite Quotes

Because of our love for orphans, we like to feature other people who also have a heart for orphans around the world.  Mother Teresa is well known around the world for her charitable work and heart for people and children. She worked with many orphans and today we want to help celebrate her 104th birthday with our 10 favorite Mother Teresa quotes:MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-1MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-2MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-3MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-4MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-5MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-6MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-7MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-8MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-9MotherTeresaQuote-bringmehopefoundation-10

For the Kids,

Caitlyn & Bring Me Hope Team

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