Lance│Taiyuan Camp Stories

Lance!  A boy known for a huge smile on his face and who has captured the love of all the volunteers at Taiyuan Camp.  Although he is diagnosed with CP and doesn’t have capabilities such as running, this hasn’t stopped him from having the time of his life at camp.  He loves singing at the top of his lungs and like all other boys, squirting everyone in the pool with water guns.

While we were sitting outside of our apartment wondering how to transport Lance to the assembly hall (his legs were tired), a man who owns a business living in our camp apartments offered to give Lance and his friends a ride in a big van.  Lance couldn’t believe we got to ride in this van and kept telling the business man “Thank You!”  As we started to drive off, he exclaimed real loud with a big smile on his face, “Wow!  It’s like we’re a real family!

Below is a picture of Lance in the van with his “real family.”  He’s definitely a keeper!


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