Kunming Camp Update (3) – Keep Lifting Us Up!

Hi Friends and Family,

On a personal level, we have not had the best of weeks. So many lows – Luke’s camera and much of his equipment was stolen, and as you already know, Bryn’s file will not be released to us. Finally, Amy’s mom was moved to a nursing home on Friday. We feel as though we are under severe spiritual attack!

We have been amazed though that despite all this, by God’s grace, Camp has gone on very successfully. Translators’ lives have been changed in eternal ways, our volunteers are so kind and loving, and the children have been showered with a love they so desperately long for and eat up! One little guy wrote to his volunteer,

“When I get big, I will come and find you!”

One little girl who was at our camp last year as well, saw Tim walk in, jumped up from her place at the table, grabbed his hand and said,

“You come and sit by me!”

We are so blessed to witness and be a part of this whole wonderful process!

Thank you all!
Amy and Tim for all the Heddens

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