“It’s you who made me feel that I am still loved” inspiring quotes from little campers

For those of you who are teetering on the idea of joining us for summer camp in China this year -here are some amazing quotes from our little campers. Their lives will be changed forever by the time you spend with them. They think you should come!

“I heard that you take a very long journey to come here in order to love me. I am greatly moved.” -Bingying Sun

“You are like my mom to me. This is the most beautiful memory in my life.” -Zengwang Feng

“It’s you who made me feel that I am still loved.” -Minglun Hua

“I learn from you to smile even if my life is full of adversity.” -Yan Li

“I have learned that I am very valuable and I should never look down upon myself because of our misfortunes we’ve encountered.” – Wenjing Dang

“You are just like a kind father. There is full love in your heart.” -Lujun Yu

“When I was feeling down, it was you who used your heart to encourage me. It was you who support me all the time.” -Liang Liu

“I am always dreaming of making friends with foreigners. Now I have my dream come true!” -Mingnei Hua

“I am thankful for you giving me hope.” -Shuangli Fu

“You give me courage to face difficulties like a family.” -Ya Jhang

“I learned a lot from the lesson we had in this camp. No matter when and how hard a problem may be, you should never give up and be a strong man. I’ll never give up and I will hold it on till it succeeds.” -Wei Xu

“It is beyond my imagination that all the activities are done in family group at the camp. We felt the warmth and love of a family. Kids like us can’t imagine we could ever come here and enjoy life like this.” -Yanhong Zhang

“I spent a lot of happy and memorable time with you, which makes me feel family love and coziness inside. All of these things let me feel warmth wintin and having a family is so precious.” -Dong Fu

“I learned how to deal with something. I will put the knowledge I learned how to use in our daily life.” -Jianli Zhang

“The most important is that without your love, we will have no chance to be here and to enjoy life like this.” -Nannan Chen

“To be honest, it is the first time for me to see your kind of behaviours. I am really shocked. Your good behaviours really impressed me.” -Xiangshuai Yang

“In the camp, I feel as if I really saw hope. Among the kids, some are very naughty. But, our ‘parents’ love them and care for them all the same. This really touched me a lot.” -Dang Ai Guo

“Different cultures, different ages, different colour skins, different languages….but we can get along with each other. I think this is only because of your love. Thank you for the memories you left to me. I will lock it in my deep heart.” -Qian Zhang

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