Here’s an update from the Vidlers on Lucy in Xian

Here’s an update from the Vidlers on Lucy in Xian, one of the Elim kids who came to camp. Thank you so much Vidler family for all you are doing in China. You bless us so much!

Hi to everyone who knows and loves little Lucy – I know you have been wondering what is happening lately.

She did go to school for one day last week but after that the local people complained so much that she is not allowed to go anymore.

So we decided to home school her and are paying a lady (sarah ) to teach her. Poor Lucy is 8 and has never been to school and is so keen to learn. Today (day 1) she learnt to write to 20 and about seasons !

We have been over to her house and spent a lot of time cleaning and making a special “school room” for her.

Thanks to some amazing fundraising from some school students in Western Australia we had enough $$ to buy a curtain and lots of pink decorations for her. She is so happy and proud of the room that she has even started making decorations herself.

It was nice to see her today and that she has a special place in the house that she can call her own.

I hope you enjoy the “before” and “after” photos and our renovation rescue team.

Love Julie and Sam.

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