Help for Grace

The Vidler family has been in Xi’an working as doctors and helping orphaned children that have HIV. They are now looking for a long term care giver to help with a little girl named Grace. Here is her story:
Grace is three years old. She has been with a foster care family since she was found at a railway station over a year ago. They recently found out she was HIV positive and though they love her so much they took her back to the orphanage. However the orphanage does not know much about HIV so they sent her to the hospital. She has since been sitting in an isolation room all alone. No one is allowed to enter, even though she is not at all sick. Her foster mother visits her each day and would take her back if she could, but the others in the family will not allow it.
Please join us in praying for a foster caretaker for Grace. No little one should sit in a hospital room all alone. If you or any one you know is interested in going to China to help the Vidlers with this amazing ministry, and fostering little Grace please e mail Sam and Julie at

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