Continued Hope for BMH Campers

It’s been six weeks since the last Bring Me Hope camp ended in China.  As we all settle back into our normal routines, it can be easy to forget the little ones we’ve left behind.  That’s why it’s so inspiring to hear about volunteers who have decided to intentionally advocate for their children after camp.

Rob Malloy, a student from Ireland, was a volunteer at the Xi’an camp this year.  Since coming home in August, he has made it his goal to find a family for his buddy, Lei Xiao Feng (Jacob).  With the help of BMH staffer, Kristen Chase, he put together an article (featured here ), YouTube video, and an email asking if anyone would be willing to adopt Jacob.  The response has been incredible! We are confident Jacob will soon have a forever family.

Volunteers and BMH friends, would you take a moment to ask The Father what you can do to help the kids?  It may be writing them a letter, supporting their orphanage, finding an adoptive family, praying for them…  We trust He will show you the way if you ask.  Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the children!  He does amazing work through His people!


Rob and Jacob

5 thoughts on “Continued Hope for BMH Campers

  1. Karen Sagat

    Because of one young man’s heart and dedication to make this video, this child is no longer an orphan. WOW. Well done! What an example to what one person can do. Seeing that video made all the difference in seeing this little boy, and finding his family. There are so many more children in China that without a video or advocate will be overlooked. What an awesome idea. Can more BMH campers do the same in the future? God bless you Rob.

  2. Donna Straight

    I am the lucky lady who gets to be “Jacob’s” mama!! Rob truly was the reason I found my son. How grateful I am to Rob and the Bring Me Hope organization.

    Changing lives!! THANK YOU

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