Camp Spotlight: Kunming

Week 2 of Bring Me Hope Summer Camps in China has passed and this week we are focusing on camp in Kunming!  The stories coming out of camp at Kunming are nothing short of incredible.  We are so thankful for the dedicated staff and the great volunteers and translators at this location!


Check out the Bring Me Hope YouTube channel for Kunming’s weekly videos by clicking HERE!

To find more photos from camp in Kunming, click HERE!


Here are some stories from this year’s camp at Kunming!


Leah came to Kunming camp and was with her foreign volunteer and translator at a park participating in a photo scavenger hunt.  Her volunteer noticed a man in the park who was begging so she ran back to give him a water bottle.  Leah was carrying noodles that her volunteer had bought for her that she hadn’t finished eating and after seeing her volunteer give her water bottle to the man, she ran back as well and started talking to him and gave him the rest of her noodles to eat.  What a precious act of “love like an ocean” from a little girl, named Leah.


Joshua is a boy with a smile that lights up the whole room.  While playing a game of musical chairs, Joshua gave up his chair for another little girl so she could keep playing the game.  Smiling the entire time.


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