“32 feet project” turns in to the “44 feet project” with your support! Update from the Hedden family

32 Feet Project
The 32 feet project has been a huge success! Actually we received enough money to buy more shoes than we had planned; but we didn’t want to change the name to the “44 Feet Project”. We are right now coordinating the logistics of purchasing and delivering the shoes, and will be giving shoes to 12 orphans from the De Xing School as well as to 10 other needy local children who came to Bring Me Hope Camp last summer. We also used some of the money to purchase warm socks and slippers for 7 of the children from the school who came to our house yesterday afternoon. It has been unseasonably cold, and it was wonderful to be able to get the kids out of the cold, into our house. We played with them, and fed them, and even watched a few episodes of Barney with them. They were so happy to be warm, and beamed when they put their slippers on. Thank You to everyone who made this possible by your generous giving! You have directly impacted the life of an orphan in China!

Surgery For Andrew?
Andrew, who originally came into our home when he was just 5 days old, has turned into a bundle of energy, noise, and joy. Although his medical condition, known as spina bifida, has slowed his physical development, he is fully mobile on his hands and knees. Just yesterday the telephone rang and before anyone was able to answer, Andrew bolted over, picked up the receiver, and said, “hewooo!” Now we have to race him to the phone when it rings. As for Andrew’s adoption, our paperwork has been logged in at China Center of Adoption Affairs since July. Andrew’s paperwork was only just sent from his orphanage to the local civil affairs office 2 weeks ago; so we are waiting and praying that it will be approved and forwarded to CCAA in Beijing soon. Our biggest challenge right now is that Andrew more than likely needs to undergo surgery for a tethered spinal cord. Just last month, he developed 2 kidney infections that the local pediatrician believes are directly related to his need for surgery. We were hoping that by now his adoption would be complete so that we could have it done in the U.S. We are currently trying to get him to Hong Kong where there is a pediatric neurologist waiting to see him. We are trying to get a travel permit for Andrew which will allow us two weeks in Hong Kong for his evaluation. Thanks to those of you who have already donated funds for this undertaking. We will keep you posted as things develop.

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