Teach English to a Child



Teach English to an At-Risk Child

Share the good news of Jesus, provide a valuable job and career skill, and build relationships with at-risk children!

All training is provided.





  • Build relationships, love, defend, & educate.
  • Share the Good News of Jesus.
  • Provide a valuable job and career skill.
  • Share and learn about each others’ culture.








Our mission is to love and defend children who have experienced pain and trauma. We serve children who are:

  • Orphaned
  • Living in child protection centers
  • Refugees or displaced by war
  • At-risk or vulnerable



  • Your tutor session will be about 30 minutes long, one time a week. 
  • We do not require tutors to have any previous training or college degrees. 
  • We partner with orphanages to provide free English and Bible classes through Zoom. Most of the children we currently work with are in Latin America. 
  • We have designed our own online curriculum and if your tutor application is approved, we will train you how to teach the children. 
  • For safety, tutors are never alone online with children. Our classes and tutor sessions happen in groups on Zoom.



1. Age 16 or older (Please ask about exceptions)

2. Background check: If you have completed one in the last 12 months you can send us a copy of it.

3. Internet: You will need fast enough internet for a Zoom video call.

4. Your Time: Your tutoring session is about 30 minutes long and will be once a week. We are looking for people that will be committed and reliable. We have many different tutor times available and if your application is accepted we will provide you with times available.

COST:  $25 (one time registration fee)

School Sponsorship:

Would you consider sponsoring our school and helping us provide Bible and English classes to orphans? We are very excited about this opportunity to help children year round!

Our Bible classes help children learn about Jesus and our English classes provide a valuable job and career skill.





Contact Kenley to with questions:


760-723-5885 (call or text)