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Talent shows, water balloon fights, arts & crafts, music, dancing, and ice cream! Our Summer Camps have it all! Our camps aim to provide a fun and safe place for orphans to feel valued and loved.

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Each summer, we send volunteers like you to become a family to an orphan for week! One American and one Chinese student will have two orphans in their family group, and together as a team they will love their buddies.  The Chinese student makes it possible for the American to communicate with their kids, and so invaluable cross cultural skills will be developed.  From the classroom to camp, students will forge a deep friendship as they serve side by side. Come and share with these precious kids that they are special and deeply loved.


Have every group participant complete all parts of the application. 

Application (Step 1)
BMH Camp Fee (Step 2)
Trip Insurance (Step 3)

2020 DATES

WEEK 1: July 6th-10th

WEEK 2: July 13th-17th

WEEK 3: July 20th-24th

WEEK 4: July 27th- 31st  

Volunteers will be required to arrive at their camp location the Saturday or Sunday afternoon prior to their camp week beginning and to leave the Saturday after their camp week ends. Lodging will be provided over weekends for those volunteering for more than one week of camp.


American Student Volunteer: $2,400-$2,600 (includes airfare) 

Chinese Student School Volunteer: $1,100 (does not include airfare)


  • All students will pay a $250 deposit directly to the high school (included in fee above).
  • If traveling with a group, Bring Me Hope requires one chaperone for every six high school kids.
  • If students want to come to camp without a team, they will need to have a second interview with Becca Bolt who will find them an approved chaperone to go with them. 


CHONGQING, CHINA Located in Southwest China, Chongqing is a modern port city on the Yangtze River.

DONGGUAN From historical relics, to natural beauties, to the bustling city. This industrial city has roots traced all the way back to 5,000 years ago and is located near Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

KUNMING, CHINA Positioned at a near-tropical latitude, Kunming is called the City of Eternal Spring for its temperate climate and year-round flower blossoms.

YANTAI, CHINA Sitting along the East coast of China, Yantai is famous for its fishing industry and apple crops.

ZHENGZHOU, CHINA Situated at the heart of Henan province, Zhengzhou is one of the ancient capitals of China. 



Our five day summer camps center around bringing forgotten children out of orphanages to experience a week of fun, love, and attention. This often includes many firsts for the kids—their first time swimming, eating ice cream and hearing “I love you”. Demonstrating God’s love in action is what camp is all about.


Most overseas trips end when you fly home, leaving you with only memories and pictures. However, our desire is for you to continue to have an impact long after you’ve left camp. Through our advocacy program, you can bring awareness to your child’s needs and even help find adoptive families. Our goal is to equip volunteers to defend vulnerable children.


DAY 1: The kids are coming! Today, you become a proud “parent” as you and your translator(s) are paired with 1-2 children to form a family group. Spend the day getting to know each other before you begin an amazing week of camp!

DAY 2-4: Let the fun begin! Camp is filled with activities for your family group to enjoy together. From arts & crafts to talent shows to dance parties, this is a week for your child to explore new experiences in a safe environment. You will have the unique opportunity to empower these children and show them unconditional love during camp. These are the moments that Bring Me Hope Camp was created for!

DAY 5: Today is the day that the children go home to the orphanage. It’s a bittersweet celebration of the relationships you’ve created and how far your family group has come in just 5 short days. It becomes more than just the last day of camp; You are left with memories and passion to do something about this orphan crisis.

AFTER CAMP: Bring Me Hope will provide you with the skills and training to make a greater impact on these children’s lives when you fly back home. You will be given the privilege to be an advocate for the children’s needs and help them find adoptive families! 



“An amazing experience that doesn’t stop when camp is over. Not only did I get to love orphans for a week, but I was also able to come home and try to find the kids families! It is life changing!”
– Caitlyn Barkalow

“Just finished my first month of volunteering at summer camp and I am moved by what they do. Seeing the joy in the kids’ faces everyday instilled hope in me. Thank you Bring Me Hope for the opportunity to know these orphans by name and to love them! Best summer ever!”
– Christina Lopatin

“Most beautiful children, most beautiful ministry, most beautiful experience that changes you into something more beautiful. What are you waiting for? Go.”
– Rose Cannon

“I have been to Bring Me Hope five times, one was when I was an orphan and the rest I returned to Bring Me Hope Camp as a volunteer. I just love Bring Me Hope Camp, it is a great mission to reach out to the un-reached children who are lost in the darkness and the translators. Being Me Hope is the first one who truly showed me what true love, hugs, kindness, and warm home feels like. For the past thirteen years of my life in the orphanage, I have never knew what it is feels like to have a loving family until I went to Bring Me Hope Camp.”
– Eden Robinson-Robertson


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