Age: 6 (as of 06/23/2024)

14 years old as of 06/23/2024

When we think of Peter, words that come to mind include: caring, selfless, generous, giving, kind, etc. He is the definition of warm-hearted, from his selfless actions in sharing with other children, to his beautiful smile that captivates everyone’s souls. He loves to explore and go on treasure hunts, and has a knack for abstract art creations with Crayola markers.

Peter is quick to give to others and share with those around him. One of our favorite moments at Bring Me Hope camp was at a tiny amusement park. He was full of joy when his camp buddy bought him an ice cream sundae, but didn’t want to keep the excitement to himself. He went around to the other children, volunteers and translators that were near him and offered them some of his own ice cream. While he loved his ice cream treat, he found the most joy and sharing with others.

Peter might be small, but he is mighty. He was born with both Hydrocephalus (fluid on his brain) and malformations in his face and one hand. Though he has some developmental delays due to the Hydrocephalus, he is determined to do things by himself. He always attempts to feed himself and accomplish daily tasks, and only take assistance when needed. He is strong and loving, and would flourish with the love and care of a family!

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