Age: 7 (as of 07/22/2024)

15 years old as of 07/22/2024

Everything about Leia is kind and joyful. She has a smile that can light up the room and her laughter is contagious.  She is quiet, but has a big personality. She loves to play dress up, wear skirts and dresses, and put flowers in her hair; she also loves to be active. Running, dancing, playing catch, eating, and kicking a ball back and forth were some of her favorite activities at camp.

Although it seems she has had very little schooling, Leia is smart. She can recognize the characters of her name and is always eager to figure out how things work.Even though she is a little behind on her writing skills, she still loves to color, draw, and write numbers. There are some activities that Leia is slower at than her peers, but she is independent and can do most daily tasks without assistance. Leia likes to keep things tidy and to clean up after herself. If she borrowed something, she was very good at putting it back where it belonged when she was done with it. She is also good at putting things in order. Leia is good at comforting others around her, and is easygoing and well behaved.

 Leia has Down Syndrome and would thrive in a family environment. Here’s a message from her volunteer: “I think [Leia] would thrive in a home with parents who would be patient to teach her and to just love on her. I saw from the beginning of the week to the end that she grew so much and her personality came out so much more. If that much happened in a week I couldn’t imagine how she would thrive after years with a family.”

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