Age: 13 (as of 05/25/2024)

17 years old as of 05/25/2024

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.”           -Piglet

Meet Jasper!

Jasper is a thirteen year old boy with a contagious smile! His comedic nature brings joy to everyone who knows him.  When he laughs, he laughs with everything he’s got. When he loves, he loves generously with hugs and kisses.  He is also well known as an artist among those at camp. He loves to paint and invent new things through his art.

As a child with Down Syndrome, his education level is lower than children his age, but he is very capable of taking care of himself and communicating his needs to others. He is friendly and generous with the other children but can be hesitant to try new activities. Nevertheless, he is often able to overcome this with a little extra patience and encouragement!

Jasper yearns for someone to reach out to him and call him their own. He is a precious child who deserves a loving family. This is a critical time as he will be aging out of the system in September 2020. Will you be the one to change his life? He will surely change yours if you give him a chance. Let’s find a forever family for Jasper!

Photos & Videos

For more detailed information about Jasper, leave us a message to the right or email advocate@bringmehope.org.

*Disclaimer:  We can’t share the child’s Chinese Name or DOB directly.  If you are interested in seeing the file and adopting this child, please have your agency contact us to get the child’s information.
*DISCLAIMER: While we always strive to stay on top of which agency a child is placed with IF they disappear from the shared list, due to the nature of how files can move this isn’t always possible.
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