Age: 12 (as of 05/25/2024)

16 years old as of 05/25/2024

“Hector is one of the sweetest, strongest, and bravest children I have ever encountered. I hope and pray he finds a forever family soon.” -Daniel (volunteer, 2019) 

Meet Hector. He’s that kid who likes to do wheelies with his wheelchair. Always joyful with cool dance moves and an unquenchable can-do spirit.⁣⁣

⁣⁣At 12 years old, Hector is more or less a young man— but a polite one at that. He lovingly cares for the other kids and even communicates with one hearing impaired child through some sign language. Past volunteers describe him again and again as kind and generous after seeing how he shares with a joyful spirit. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Even though he has spina bifida (a birth defect involving the spinal cord) he doesn’t fail to live life to the fullest. Hector is extremely independent and can do basic things himself such as getting dressed.⁣⁣

⁣⁣One big thing he’s missing is a forever family to love on him and support him. Hector would be a blessing to any family as a son and brother.⁣⁣



For more detailed information about Hector, leave us a message to the right or email advocate@bringmehope.org.

*Disclaimer:  We can’t share the child’s Chinese Name or DOB directly.  If you are interested in seeing the file and adopting this child, please have your agency contact us to get the child’s information.
*DISCLAIMER: While we always strive to stay on top of which agency a child is placed with IF they disappear from the shared list, due to the nature of how files can move this isn’t always possible.
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