Age: 11 (as of 05/23/2024)

16 years old as of 05/23/2024

Zak’s personality is very sweet with a little bit of sass! He will catch you by surprise with his spontaneous dancing and doesn’t shy away from blowing kisses. Zak expresses his love for his friends by opening the doors for you, offering you his food before he eats, and giving plenty of hugs. Zak is super active; you can find him dancing or singing to music, jumping in the water to go swimming, or watching movies.

Zak has Down Syndrome. This means that sometimes he has a hard time communicating via speech and can get upset and overwhelmed by his surroundings. However, “all you have to do is make his beautiful smile appear and any upset feelings will melt away.” Although, his speech skills are delayed, Zak often uses gestures and a few signs to express himself (Chinese Sign Language CSL). He will also mimic and copy you if you show him how to do something or what you want him to do. His joyful, sharing heart outshines the difficult days. This super sweet, goofy, and giving boy is deserving of a place to call home and a family to love him! 

“As loving as he is to everyone else, he also greatly needs that love in return so that he may grow up to be the amazing person he has the potential to be..”

– Volunteer

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