Age: 7 (as of 07/22/2024)

17 years old as of 07/22/2024

Clarabelle is always happy. Clarabelle seeks approval from others, and needs a lot of support and care to reach all the potential she has within her. She enjoys physical touch, such as face touching, and quality time (preferably painting her/others nails). Many times, Clarabelle will share her need for affection by pretending that she can’t do something so that an adult will help her.

Clarabelle has many needs and assets that flow into her personality and who she is as a person. Clarabelle has development is very delayed, but that’s to be expected with Downs Syndrome. Although it didn’t seem like she could read words, she could recognize numbers and her name as well as trace Chinese characters. Clarabelle has a great memory and knew lots of songs and poems. She remembers both Chinese and English names very easily and could name objects in Chinese from flashcards. Clarabelle isn’t very talkative and can be hard to understand at times,  but she will herself clearer when prompted. She has no physical disabilities, although her volunteer noted that one of her eyes seemed to get “stuck” every now and then.

Clarabelle, is a bright, kind and caring young lady. She actively shows her love towards others, in the ways she cares for those around her. Although she isn’t one for group activities, that never stops her from smiling ear to ear. Clarabelle’s bright smile would definitely win an award, as well as her everlasting kindness. She is so special, her talents include; opening her water bottle with top notch performance, running as fast as lightening, and her skills in reading which are spectacular. Clarabelle’s sweet heart and beautiful soul will be sure to steal yours.

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