Age: (as of 04/20/2019)

9 years old as of 04/20/2019

“I don’t know if I’ve ever met a kid with such a great disposition on life.” “These were the words of Chandler’s buddy at Bring Me Hope camp this summer! Chandler is described as being a sweet and quiet boy.  He enjoys playing with balls and Legos, coloring, singing, and dancing – he even started a mini dance party one night at camp! Chandler’s favorite activities at Bring Me Hope were swimming (his volunteers called him ‘a natural in the pool’), and horseback riding. He was nervous about the horses at first, but he was brave enough to try – and the moment he saw them, he loved them!

Chandler has cerebral palsy. He can walk unassisted, and even upstairs without help, but his gait is slower and a little unsteady. He can speak, and his volunteers say that although Chandler’s speech isn’t clear, it becomes much easier to understand once you get to know him. He was even given the award for ‘best conversationalist’ at camp!  He has some vision difficulties, but he is able to recognize numbers, animals and colors. His camp buddy says “please don’t discount him because of the CP diagnosis!” Chandler is described as a leader – all of the younger children loved him, and even older and higher-functioning kids would play with him.

Chandler has a passionate love for everyone and is said to always share with his friends. After being taught a new skill, he works to remember and use it, and can usually get it right after 2 or 3 repetitions. He bonded well with his volunteers at camp, and one volunteer’s favorite memory was taking care of this sweet boy after he cut his finger. He didn’t mention it at first, but when she noticed the cut, they hugged and sat together. She says “my wish is for this sweet boy to have a mom and dad to hug him…and sing songs over him when he’s crying.”

Chandler can be shy, but he is welcoming to new people, and has such a positive disposition. Chandler’s volunteer called him “a joy”, and says “This kid meets no stranger. Everyone loves him and he’s so kind to others.” Could his sweet smile, joyful singing, and loving heart be what your family is missing?


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