Age: (as of 07/22/2024)

15 years old as of 07/22/2024

Meet Chandler,

Chandler is 10 years old and has cerebral palsy – this means he may struggle to talk and see; however – Chandler is a boy full of joy and he has a passionate love for everyone. He is sweet with everyone even when He don’t Know them. Chandler needs a special family to love him as much as he loves others

Chandler attend bring me Hope summer camp for a few years now and love going there! He enjoy the water so much that his buddy at camp call him “a natural in the pool”.

Chandler loves to share! Kinde and smiling to anyone – Chandler is shy and quiet.  He enjoys playing with balls and Legos, coloring. He always shares with his friends, no matter if it is toys or food. Loving to dance Chandler even started a mini dance party one night at camp! He’s favorite activities at Bring Me Hope were swimming and horseback riding. He was a little scared the first time but love Horseback riding so much than he did it again.

Chandler is smart and remembers the lyrics to songs quickly. He also likes to try new activities.


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