Age: (as of 05/25/2024)

14 years old as of 05/25/2024

Meet Alyssa, a friendly and generous little girl who loves sharing and making new friends! Alyssa’s favorite activities are playing dress up and drawing. Her favorite color is pink, which is very appropriate since her volunteers describe her as a girly-girl. Alyssa enjoys cleaning and organizing her belongings, helping others, and learning new things.

At camp, it became obvious that Alyssa craves attention from her caretakers. She strives for perfection in everything that she does, but can sometimes choose to behave poorly when the attention is shifted away from her. When she struggles, she can get frustrated and find it difficult to explain how she feels. Alyssa needs parents who will patiently listen and love on Alyssa so that she knows how important and special she truly is.


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